My most recent book is Metric Power, it was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2016. This book, which is now available in paperback, draws Beer_9781137556486_2ndpassupon a range of resources to explore the intricate relations between metrics and power. Its central concern is with understanding how power is deployed through metrics. The book also reflects on the political dynamics that underpin big data (your library may automatically have access to the Springer Link version of the ebook, you can check that here). There is an interview with me about it here.

Punk Sociology was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014. It attempts to use a punk ethos to re-energise the sociological imagination. You can read the first chapter of the book open-access here and there is an interview with me about it here.9781137371201

Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013 (the paperback of this book was published in 2016). It uses the concept of the ‘politics of circulation’ to explore the ways that new forms of digital or big data fold-back into and reconfigure culture. You can read the first chapter open-access here9781137270061

New Media: The Key Concepts was written with Nick Gane and was published by Berg (which is now part of Bloomsbury) in 2008. That book focused on six key concepts and attempted to work with cutting edge new media theory so as New Mediato make the selected concepts accessible to a broad audience. A translated Chinese version of the book was recently published by Fudan University Press.