Being Measured

This page is a small collection of open-access pieces on metrics. It is intended as a kind of free virtual pamphlet to accompany the publication of my book Metric Power (the discount code PM16THIRTY can be used to get a 30% discount here). The pieces in this small collection introduce some ideas relating to the way that power is deployed through metrics. These and other ideas are developed further in the book. These pieces focus specifically on metrics, if you are interested in some of the broader questions around the politics of data my earlier book on the way that culture is reshaped by data circulations is available in paperback and there are also some journal articles and other short open access pieces available.

  1. When ‘special measures’ become ordinary
  2. The productive power of metrics
  3. Being trained by Twitter stats
  4. The Apple Watch and the problem of our creeping connectivity
  5. Metrics and the production of uncertainty
  6. Numbers don’t need to be trusted to shape our lives
  7. Measuring and engineering influence on social media